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Ficus pumila on Stucco Walls - October 06, 2015

Can the creeping fig vine damage the stucco covered walls?
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Using seaweed in compost - October 05, 2015

What do you think about using seaweed in compost? I live on the Gulf Coast
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Does Calyptocarpus vialis (Horseherb) compete with turf grasses - October 05, 2015

For my yard in central Austin Does horse herb, Calyptocarpus vialis help or dam...
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Restoring riverfront from Blanco Flood - October 04, 2015

We have cleared our riverfront from the Blanco Flood and I am now looking for he...
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Native Tree for Narrow Space in PA - October 04, 2015

I have a narrow space along my cedar fence in full sun. A Japanese maple approxi...
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Low, Easy Care Perennials for Lake Ontario Shore Planting - October 04, 2015

I'm on Lake Ontario in New York. I have a lake bank slope, thatís about 1/8 mil...
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What are the Native Dianthus? - October 03, 2015

What species of Dianthus is native to North America?
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Overwintering Ruellia brittoniana in Missouri - October 03, 2015

I live in Missouri and have five beautiful Mexican Petunia or Ruellia brittonian...
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