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Replacement for Amber Jubilee Ninebark in California - November 22, 2014

AMBER JUBILEE bush separating my neighbor and me, is spreading its roots into ou...
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Is the fruit of Melothria pendula edible? - November 22, 2014

Is the fruit of Melothria pendula edible?
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Problems on Prickly Pear Cactus in Illinois - November 19, 2014

I have a fungus on my prickly pear cactus that is not a bug. I tested it and my ...
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Propagation of Agave suckers - November 18, 2014

I'm trying to transplant Dragon Toes Agave suckers. Is this similar to other a...
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Oak Wilt in Georgetown, TX - November 17, 2014

We have lost several live oaks to oak wilt. Another couple are dying but still h...
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Planting a meadow garden in Pennsylvania - November 16, 2014

I live in Saxonburg PA near Pittsburgh PA. I want to put a meadow garden in my...
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Using bamboo as a filter for odoras from a wastewater treatmen plant in College Station, TX - November 16, 2014

My wastewater treatment plant is considering planting bamboo to create a filter ...
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Shade grasses for central Texas - November 16, 2014

We are new to the area and bought a home this summer that has lots of shade in ...
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